Wedding styles

So there are so many Brides and Grooms out there and It can be really difficult to sum up your personalities in a wedding without it looking like a bit of a mishmash ( I know I had to stop myself from including so many things!). I had to sit down and really think about how to distill my work into collections, making it easier to find what you really want.  Based on what I enjoy to make and the different wedding events I have attended I have broken this down into two different styles, each with a very different colour palette. 

Hopefully these boards will help to see where my inspiration comes from!

The first is Vintage inspired with neutrals, natural materials and a relaxed style. The second is bright colours, with a fun party vibe. Creating these mood boards are a really good way of making sure you identified what you want to achieve to keep you on track when planning your wedding. 

Although it is important to identify a style so that it helps you planning, however the main thing to remember is that it is your wedding your day so you should go for whatever style you think represents you, not what is currently trendy as it is easy to fall into this trap.