Do I become a DIY Bride?

So this is an issue that I suffer from myself and I thought it would be interesting to see both sides of this tricky question.


Do you do everything yourself, or do I pay others to do it for me?


Now as a wedding supplier I of course provide a service for Brides and Grooms and seek to make sure I take out all of the stress of the situation. However, I am also a Bride to be and am taking on a lot of elements of my own wedding myself. This is due to two things, my personality of being a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak, but also my budget! I work with Brides with all sorts of budgets and requirements and I can safely say I have a very small budget!


Now with just over two months before the wedding (eeek) I am having to cash in on those on a whim ‘I can do that myself, ‘that will save a few hundred’ mentality and I now have a to do list as long as my arm ( I am 6ft 3 and have very long arms!) As an interior designer by trade one of the most important elements to me is the decoration of the reception venue. The long and short of it is I will probably spend the first few hours of my wedding day faffing about on a step ladder before rushing home to get my hair and makeup done, even with an afternoon wedding. This should be avoided at all costs as the day should be for relaxing, as I have been told again and again by my husband to me. Unfortunately my budget simply does not stretch to include a lovely supplier such as The Fabric Theatre to do it all for me whilst I am reclining with a glass of something fizzy surrounded by family and friends. I am also of course making all the flowers and table decorations myself and have barely made a start on that as other orders have had to take priority. I have seen friends rope in other friends and family to do things for them. This is a great work around for the budget issue however beggars cannot be choosers so if you have a very particular idea of what you want or a certain standard then I would get the professionals in. The important thing to remember with a professional wedding supplier is that they will strive to the same level of detail that you are hoping for. This is of course if you choose the right suppliers for you.

So my advice to crafty Brides to be is to be selective in what it is that you want to do yourself. Think about something you can tackle that by doing so will add something a bit special to your day, rather than something which is simply a money saver. So in hindsight as both a wedding supplier and a Bride to be, if you can afford for someone to do it then do! Now this may just sound like I am discouraging Brides from creating everything for their wedding and increasing business for me, but this is a very honest opinion. It also might be better on doing a few of the small and fun things rather than having 300 flowers to cut out and glue because believe me although I love what I do, sometimes it can get quite monotonous.

Just one final tip to you true die hard crafters out there.

 If making your own flowers, make sure to purchase some finger guards to protect your skin from your glue gun. The last thing you want is to have burn marks on that lovely close up of your newly ringed finger!