Wedding styles

So there are so many Brides and Grooms out there and It can be really difficult to sum up your personalities in a wedding without it looking like a bit of a mishmash ( I know I had to stop myself from including so many things!). I had to sit down and really think about how to distill my work into collections, making it easier to find what you really want.

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Do I become a DIY Bride?

So this is an issue that I suffer from myself and I thought it would be interesting to see both sides of this tricky question.

Do you do everything yourself, or do I pay others to do it for me?

Now as a wedding supplier I of course provide a service for Brides and Grooms and seek to make sure I take out all of the stress of the situation. However, I am also a Bride to be and am taking on a lot of elements of my own wedding myself. 

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