Autumnal Wedding Style

Working with natural greenery and a cosy relaxed style to create that perfect Autumn scene.

What makes an Autumnal look?

There are many ways to interpret an autumnal theme. Whether this is an American harvest style with pumpkins and grains or more English with a bit more greenery, it is important to utilise the beauty of nature during the later months of the year. With the nights drawing in sooner you need to make sure you consider lighting in your space so fairy lights are a must to accentuate your decor during those darker evenings. The colours of autumn should be used to highlight key features such as table centres and sourced autumn leaves are a cheap and easy way to add interest.  The natural colours of the leaves make a great backdrop to a classic tweed suit or an ethereal ivory wedding dress. 

Autumn wedding colours and patterns

These are all really provided by nature, you just need to follow suit. Autumn leaves provide some beautiful colours from greens, reds, oranges and browns. The patterns come from the colouration of the leaves, but more importantly you need to think about textures. Things like hessian and twine add to that natural rustic feel, think about the rough texture of bark or earthenware bottles or pots to enhance the beauty of natural foliage. 

How to get the Autumnal look for your wedding.

Getting the Autumnal look means making the right choices when it comes to the details. At the Wedding Alchemist, we make sure we pick out all the right pieces to get that natural rustic look:

Log slice Table Centre

This table centre with its rustic log slice base, ribbed jar and candle and fairly lights will add both texture and sparkle to your tables. Finish them off with a gold or brass table number, moss, ivy and surround with pinecones, acorns and leaves to create that rustic look.


Vintage Moss card suitcase

It is always an important to have somewhere for your guests to put their cards. This vintage suitcase shows its age in all the right places and with the moss interior is a great addition to your entrance table. 


Hessian table runners

Hessian is a great fabric to add texture to your tables and interest to your table settings. If you are really feeling adventureous you could even go with full hessian table cloths.


Vinyl Record Table Plan

A table plan is usually the first thing a guest sees so why not make a statement with it. Think about adding depth with floating elements, texture with brown card and natural elements such as moss and leaves to create something both useful but impressive for your entrance.


Guest Book fairy light trees

These trees with their twinkly fairy lights make great decorations or can be used as an alternative guest book where guests can 'leave' notes for you.  


Ivy trees

Used for your entrance or sit either side of your cake or top table these trees with natural ivy and fairy lights are great at adding both height and light to your room.


Glass and earthenware bottles

Green bottles and earthenwarepots make great vessels for flowers and greenery. Use these on window sills, tables or anywhere else you can think off to create hight and interest to your space. Add some additional greenery and some all important fairy lights to really emphasise these lovely antique elements.


Log stands

These log stands finished with moss are a great way to add height to tables, window sills or anywhere else for that matter. You cankeep them plain or add bottles or jars or weave Ivy or flowers around them to addto the rustic texture of the autumnal style.


Hop and Ivy fairly light garlands

To create a cohesion in the room it is always important to think about your ceiling, particularly if it is a low one! Adding garlands to beams adds light but also echoesthe foliage in the rest of the space., These garlands feature Ivy, leaves and hops but can include whichever greenery you wish.