Colourful Wedding Style

The juxtoposition between the dark moody backdrop with the bright colours and lighting create a fun party atmosphere. 

What makes the Moody but Colourful look?

 It can be really fun to introduce colour to your wedding day, but you also need to be careful to avoid that 'kids party' look. Using a dark backdrop will really help the bright colours stand out and with some candles and fairy lights really produce a stunning eye grabbing look. With just a hint of the tropical and a pinch of gold as a backdrop to the colour and reflect the lighting and you are left with a fun yet sophisticated look.  Napkins and table runners can be hand dyed with bright fabric paints and flowers can include pineapples and bright delicate petals with chunky greenery to top it all off. Lastly for a bit of fun add some confetti filled and marbled balloons to add just that bit of big kid to your big day.

Moody but Colourful wedding colours and patterns

Well the colour bit is easy, as much of it as you can! Think about candles, coloured glass, even neon lights to really add a sense of drama. For patter, with all the colour try to keep this to a minimum, here only a watercolour pattern to the napkins and runner, allowing the colour to be the real focus of the scheme.

How to get the moody but colourful look for your wedding?

Getting this bold colourful look means making the right choices when it comes to the details. At the Wedding Alchemist, we make sure we pick out all the right pieces to get that moody but colourful look just right.:

Watercolour Table Number

Using a watercolour blending techniques to include lots of different tones and with a hint of gold helps your guest identify their table.


Paper Lanterns

A really quick and cost effective way of adding some colour and interest to the ceiling of your venue. Use different sizes and colours to add variation.

entrance way props.jpg

Entrance Way Props

Make an entrance way brighter with some choice ornaments to give your guests a taster of what's in store inside.


Golden Pineapple

Adding just a hint of tropical and gold to tie everything together will help that touch of fun and sophistication to your table display.


Watercolour napkins and table runners

Why not bring a splash of colour to define your table setting and as a backdrop for your accessories



Whether confetti filled or marbled just a few choice balloons can add a bit of fun to the day., for big kids only.

Supporting Cast:

Planning : Offbeat Weddings and Events

Photography by JMA Photography

Flowers by Florella Flowers

Welcome Sign by Bramble Sky

Invites and name cards by Inked By Hand

Neon Sign by The Word Is Love

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