Rockabilly Wedding Style

The 1950s is a classic time period to take inspiration from for your wedding day. 

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Photos by Shipley Photographic

What makes the 1950's Rockabilly look?

There are many ways to interpret a 1950's rockabilly style, but it usually full of classic all American influences from the Rock 'n' Roll era.  Typically, this involves some diner style signage,  vinyl records, American traditional tattoo art and vintage American brands like Coca Cola. The bride might arrive in a classic American muscle car like a Cadillac or even a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Oh! and  don't forget the and swing skirts,  leather jackets and greaser quiffs for dancing the night away to classic American Rock 'n' Roll (or just put the Grease soundtrack on, we're not judging!)

Rockabilly wedding colours and patterns

1950's  American diner style was obsessed with soft pastels like pink and turquoise, offset by some  seriously bold colours and patterns . You could incorporate these into your table linens or chair covers. Don't be shy with splashing around the red polka dots, black and white checkered patterns - or even leopard print!

How to get the 1950's Rockabilly look for your wedding?

Getting the classic rockabilly look means making the right choices when it comes to the details. At the Wedding Alchemist, we make sure we pick out all the right pieces to get that classic 1950's Rock 'n' Roll look:

American Style Mailbox

This mailbox is a great alternative to a postbox and suits a variety of bold wedding themes. With a lovely red heart flag. It can be customised with a card sign or left plain and can holdu around 250 cards so plenty of space for even the largest wedding party!


Traditional Tattoo Art

Young lovers in the 1950's commonly turned to Tattoos to show their love. Copy their style (in a less permanant way) with some Traditional Tattoo art of your own.


Classic Glass Cola Bottles

These coke bottles can be customised with any label you wish and can be a great holder of flowers (or pom poms) or any other flower you wish. Works great with an American or retro theme and the label can be customised to anything you wish.


Vinyl Record Table Plan

They still sound better, honest! Why not Use some old charity store vinyl LPs to make a table plan themed around your favourite bands?



Keeping these either clear or with your chosen colour scheme. These can contain candles or flowers, it’s up to you!


Polka Dot Table Runners

Why not bring a splash of colour and pattern to something that's normally a bit drab!

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Need more Inspiration?

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